Setting the steps for accelerating the green transition in the Northern region

Northern areas have an investment potential up to 160 billion over the coming years. It is estimated that the most of this potential is related to the green transition. Northern regions can be the leader of green growth and bring solutions to the green transition for the whole Europe.

The goal of this study is to produce concrete recommendations for unlocking the investment potential of the North.

Lapland Chamber of Commerce and The Finnish Presidency of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council initiated a project to explore the bottlenecks of green transition industrial investments and propose measures to remove them. Special attention was also paid to identify the synergistic benefits for the Nordic cooperation.

The findings and recommendations are based on industry and country specific interviews as well as workshops, previous studies and other public materials. The report was commissioned by the Lapland Chamber of Commerce and prepared by Gaia Consulting. Oulu Chamber of Commerce and North Karelia Chamber of Commerce contributed in finalising the recommendations.

This paper is meant to be a proposition, and a beginning for a wider discussion and cooperation.

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 Schedule 10/2022- 11/2023


Liisa Ansala. President
liisa.ansala@chamber.fi, +358 44 577 7514

Hanna Baas, Vice President
hanna.baas@chamber.fi, +358 40 665 8720


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